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Every Koala Counts

“Every Koala Counts” documentary selected for International Social Change Film Festival in Los Angeles Late last year Friends of the Koala commenced production of the FOK history project as part of its activity to celebrate a 35-year history that has tended to over 5,000 sick, injured and orphaned koalas, released 30% of them back to the … Read more

Friends Of The Koala

National Threatened Species Day

Today is National Threatened Species day. The date commemorates the death of the last known Tasmanian tiger in 1936. Through rescue, rehabilitation, release, habitat restoration, research, advocacy, community engagement and education we are doing everything in our power to secure a future for koalas. Support us by donating now, all donations small or large make a difference for koalas … Read more

Friends Of The Koala

Welcome to the team! 

Friends of the Koala Management Committee are pleased to announce Silva Everaers as our new interim General Manager! Silva starts her new role mid-July.   Silva joined the Management Committee in October and moved into an HR manager role for 1 day a week in May. She has thrown herself into the organisation taking on a … Read more


Update: Flood Affected Koala Food Tree Plantations

The 2022 flooding event impacted six of our seven plantations. Since the end of February, the plantation maintenance team have been working two mornings per week to clear flood debris and ensure access is possible for the leaf harvesters to collect food for the koalas in care.  Each plantation was affected on differing scales, our … Read more

Friends Of The Koala

2019-2020 NSW Bushfires – Koala rescue & Rehabilitation Publication

As data coordinator, I was thrilled to take the opportunity to work with Dr Dan Lunney, Honorary Scientific Fellow at the DPE. Through some funding, a project was set up to examine data around koala rescues, rehabilitation and release.  One of the data sets used for this project was the extensive Friends of the Koala data.  While … Read more

Friends Of The Koala

Our Koalas: Pala’s Story

Pala has been in care since April and is our newest joey to join FOK Kindy. He was found by a member of the public walking through a paddock in Larnook. Startled by a barking dog, the baby koala ran out of the grass and straight up the man’s leg – did he think the human was a tree!? Unfortunately, no … Read more

Friends Of The Koala

Our People & Wellbeing 

The last few years have been extremely challenging for everyone. Our team has been confronted with the horrific 2019-2020 bushfires, followed by the impact of the COVID pandemic, followed by the devastating floods that hit us very close to home only a few months ago. People are the most important part of our organisation, and … Read more

Friends Of The Koala

Management Committee – Volunteer Secretary

Friends of the Koala Management Committee are looking for a new Secretary. This is a hands-on role in the organisation working closely with the Executive Management team.  The committee meets officially bi-monthly on a Saturday afternoon for 3 hours and informally once a month, usually by zoom. You will need to attend both of these. You will remind us of when … Read more

Friends Of The Koala

Koala Habitat & Private Land Conservation

A new collaborative project offers an exciting opportunity to restore and protect high quality koala habitat in perpetuity….


Dimples the koala: A tale of resilience

Dimples first came into care in January 2020, she was only 8 months old when her mother was tragically killed by a car hit.  The little joey was thrown off her mother’s back, grazed and bruised but otherwise ok except that she was now an orphan. FOK was called to retrieve the little koala. Soon … Read more