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Northern Rivers

Regional Koala Conservation Strategy

Protect - Restore - Create

Regional Koala Conservation Strategy

Northern Rivers

Regional Koala Conservation Strategy

Protect - Restore - Create


The Northern Rivers Regional Koala Conservation Strategy (referred to as the Regional Strategy) was developed for the conservation of koalas (Phascolarctos cinereus) and their habitat on the Far North Coast of New South Wales (NSW). It has been developed through a collaborative partnership of six regional councils (Byron, Ballina, Kyogle, Lismore, Richmond Valley, and Tweed) and Friends of the Koala (FOK), all within the lands of the Bundjalung nation.

Vision and Aim of the Regional Strategy

The Vision of the Regional Strategy is to guide habitat restoration and koala management actions across the Northern Rivers.


The Aim of the Regional Strategy is to guide a regional approach for coordinating the conservation, recovery, and management efforts to protect and recover koala populations in the Northern Rivers region of NSW over the next 25 years (approximately four koala generations). The Regional Strategy will seek to increase koala populations and halt any overall decline in the size and distribution of the current regional koala population.

Koala Conservation Strategy Plan

What is the Role of the Regional Strategy?

The Regional Strategy guides actions and investment on a regional scale. The Regional Strategy fills the gap between the NSW Koala Strategy, Local Government Comprehensive Koala Plans of Management (CKPoM), and local site-specific management plans.

It is not intended to operate at a local level or define specific local projects. All sites are different, and it is best practice to engage qualified professionals with local knowledge to deliver meaningful and effective koala habitat restoration projects.

Structure of the Regional Strategy

The strategy has been divided into three sections to allow for the updating of the strategy over time.

  • PART 1

    The Regional Strategy is a resource for land management practitioners working with koalas and in habitat restoration. It has the important links to detailed information and reasons for action. This section also contains the links to the Northern Rivers Koala Habitat Strategic Map and can be updated through an adaptive framework over time.

  • PART 2

    Actions and Implementation Table lists the priority actions for the implementation of the Regional Strategy. This section provides support for all grant writers, educators, managers, and actions for the Northern Rivers Koala Network (NRKN).

  • PART 3

    Foundations of the Strategy provides details of the many decades of research and work that provide the scientific basis for this Strategy.

Regional Koala Strategy

Regional Strategy development and consultation

Expert local knowledge has been incorporated into the Regional Strategy through community consultation.

One on one interviews with key people and organisations working in the koala conservation field were held over a period of 6 months.

Local Government officers, Landcare Coordinators and wildlife carers provided input into local issues, community engagement and habitat restoration initiatives. Key stakeholder input to the strategic map provided detailed local knowledge.

The role and guidance of Traditional Owners and First Nations peoples is recognised as being highly important to the Regional Strategy and the conservation of koalas.

It is hoped that the actions guided through this document will promote enduring partnerships, and support caring for Country. Discussions with key Aboriginal people working in conservation provided clear examples of projects currently underway and the importance of Aboriginal led initiatives to the outcomes of this strategy.

Northern Rivers Koala Conservation Partnership – local and state governments working with FoK and community to protect, restore and create healthy koala populations in our Region. To find out more, click here: Northern Rivers | Koala Country (


Download The Northern Rivers Regional Koala Conservation Strategy in PDF.

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"The intention of this document is to translate the outcomes of research and the decades of experience of the community, partner organisations, state government, practitioners, and volunteers to produce a guiding strategy for koala conservation that applies across the Northern Rivers region."

- Northern Rivers Regional Koala Strategy