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Expert says koala population will be able to survive Australia’s catastrophic bushfires

With so much bad news about the millions of animals lost and koala populations being completely decimated, there is at least some good news about … [follow link to original story…]

Koalas are the face of Australian tourism. What now after the fires?

For decades, koalas have featured in Australian tourism advertisements. But when the iconic native animals are vulnerable to climate change and … [follow link to original story…]

More Than Half Of Australia’s Only Chlamydia-Free Koalas Were Killed In Kangaroo Island Bushfires

Kangaroo Island was home to about 50,000 to 60,000 koalas, and early estimates suggest that number may have been halved as a result of the recent … [follow link to original story…]

Irwin Family Hold Back Tears Discussing Tragic Future Of Koalas

Son of our Aussie icon Steve Irwin, Robert has held back tears listening to his mother, Terri share the devastating future of koalas as Australia battles … [follow link to original story…]

Meet the Dog Helping Save Koalas and Other Wildlife From Australia Fires

According to the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC), “Bear has helped us locate sick and injured koalas and has recently been called to search … [follow link to original story…]

Experts weigh in on bushfires devastation

“This heart-breaking loss includes thousands of precious koalas on the mid-north coast of NSW, along with other iconic species such as kangaroos, … [follow link to original story…]

Bushfire relief donations pass $100 million as celebrities, corporations and communities dig deep

Port Macquarie Koala Hospital GoFundMe for fire-affected koalas: $4.6 … Australian photographer Kara Rosenlund’s koala crisis bushfire recovery … [follow link to original story…]

Drinking stations are keeping koalas hydrated through devastating bushfire season

As bushfires burn across Australia, images are emerging of koalas drinking water directly from human water bottles and hoses – prompting … [follow link to original story…]

Govt is working to address threats to native species: Ley

Federal Environment Minister Sussan Ley told AM that up to 30 per cent of the koalas in the NSW mid north coast may have been killed by bushfires in … [follow link to original story…]

‘They’ll get through this’: Koala’s perishing in unprecedented bushfires

Bushfires raging across the east coast of Australia have intruded on koala habitat’s, taking a toll on the population. In fires burning near Port Macquarie … [follow link to original story…]