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What should you do if you hit a koala?

KOALA breeding season has started, bringing many koala fatalities on our local roads. We are seeking community support to raise awareness that all … [follow link to original story…]

Koala gets own seat on flight to Scotland

Plane passengers flying to Edinburgh had a surprise Antipodean traveller in their cabin – a koala heading for the city’s zoo. The 19-month-old … [follow link to original story…]

Featherdale Wildlife Park crucial in Koala Genome Project

Featherdale Wildlife Park played a key role in a groundbreaking project to map the koala’s genome for the first time, as scientists look to create new … [follow link to original story…]

Wildlife carers in Port Macquarie for Koala Rehabilitation Workshop.

The topics include capture and handling, enclosure design, koala behaviour, population dynamics, diseases, drug therapies and treatments, bushfires … [follow link to original story…]

Heading to extinction: Koalas on the brink

There are only 30,000 koalas left in NSW according to the NSW state government yet they are bringing in new land clearing laws that will open up … [follow link to original story…]

Nearly half of Coomera koalas die after Gold Coast relocation

The Queensland Government is reviewing its koala “translocation” policy after more than 40 per cent of animals removed from the booming northern … [follow link to original story…]

Experts to review controversial koala ‘shift’ policy after deaths

The Queensland government will meet with koala experts and vets later this month to review a “translocation” policy that led to more than 100 koalas … [follow link to original story…]

Koala becomes face of anti-development after being killed in Mt Gravatt East

Outraged residents claim the koala, who they had christened Carter, died as a direct result of being forced out of his natural habitat by a developer. [follow link to original story…]

Starving koalas on Victoria’s Raymond Island a sign of significant food shortage, overpopulation

Raymond Island Koala and Wildlife Shelter founder Susie Pulis said emaciated koalas were being handed in to her for care on a daily basis, and most … [follow link to original story…]

Can Queensland protect koalas, build new homes and lift land values? NSW can

Every politician known to man seemed to have their photograph taken with a koala when Brisbane hosted the G20 conference in 2014. We had … [follow link to original story…]