Update: Flood Affected Koala Food Tree Plantations

The 2022 flooding event impacted six of our seven plantations. Since the end of February, the plantation maintenance team have been working two mornings per week to clear flood debris and ensure access is possible for the leaf harvesters to collect food for the koalas in care. 

Each plantation was affected on differing scales, our two largest plantations (Bruxner Highway & Wyrallah Rd) were by far the worst hit and still need more time to dry out, however, we have been able to make some tracks in on the existing dry ground.

Our star plantation at the moment is Nesbitt Park, since the flood we have spent ten mornings working on clearing broken and flood damaged trees removing rubbish and mowing, weeding and hoeing around the base of the trees. We have been replanting where we have lost trees now the plantation looks great again and the trees are responding surprisingly well. 

The other good news is that more volunteers are starting to join the team again, we currently have eight team members, whereas in April and May there were only three. More hands on deck make the results of a morning’s work much greater. Big thanks to all those who have helped out. 

Heather Gillard

Plantation Maintenance Coordinator

Photo: Some of the plantation team cutting a path at the Bruxner Hwy Plantation 03/06/2022