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Australia’s iconic koala is on a shocking plummet towards extinction.

Within one decade our precious koalas have gone from no listing, to vulnerable, to endangered. Friends of the Koala is on the frontline of the battle to save the species.

Every Koala Counts

The documentary “Every Koala Counts” is an intimate exploration of the inspiring people who have taken a stand to save this species – past and present.

Follow the development of Friends of the Koala from its fledgling start as a group of tree planters, to battles fought to save precious habitat, to the dedicated rescue, hospital and care centre staff caring for sick and injured animals.

At the heart of the story are the koalas themselves including the adorable battler Banjo, who months after being rescued with infected wounds and covered in ticks, is ready to be released to hopefully father a new generation.

Documentary: 42 mins
Directors: Catherine Marciniak & Annie Benzie
Producers: Catherine Marciniak, Annie Benzie & Aliison Kelly

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“A unique and inspiring insight into what it takes to keep species alive, and a chance to see our adorable and iconic Australian koalas. This documents what a small group of committed volunteers can achieve.
I highly recommend it.”

Ulrike Schuerman


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Viewers say...

"This documentary shows the unwavering dedication of Friends of the Koala volunteers. It inspired me to help, and educate others about koalas and the threats they face. Most importantly, it shows that koalas can be saved from extinction if we work together and act now."

“Great to see the hard work of all the volunteers and how everyone else can contribute and be involved. I'll continue to support the invaluable work of Friends of the Koala so that more generations can experience these adorable animals in their natural habitat."