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Koalas: New research from Southern Cross University shows koalas moving up to 16.6km across …

New data shows that koalas are capable of travelling much further than originally thought, according to research released by Southern Cross … [follow link to original story…]

Tiny koala joey defying the odds after being rescued when mother hit by car

Carers did not hold much hope for koala joey Pixie, who was rescued after her mother was hit by a car in New South Wales. [follow link to original story…]

Koala connections – Koala conservation in New South Wales

SoS is contributing $1.35 million over three years to projects in three regions that support some of the largest koala populations in the state. Dedicated … [follow link to original story…]

New strategy to find balance between koala protection and enabling new development

THERE are high hopes for a new strategy that aims to preserve Queensland’s koala population with claims that existing protections have failed. [follow link to original story…]

Trees to help our koalas to thrive

Campbelltown’s precious koala colony will be able to munch to their hearts content, with 1000 food trees to be planted at Ingleburn’s Koala Walk … [follow link to original story…]

State and council argue over koala habitat cost

Brisbane City Council objects to ratepayers paying $3.2 million to buy six hectares of state-owned land to protect threatened koalas in Brisbane’s … [follow link to original story…]

Council to plant 1000 koala-friendly trees this month

Campbelltown’s precious koalas are in for a treat this month. Campbelltown Council staff and volunteer locals will plant 1000 new koala food trees in … [follow link to original story…]

Koala council promises ‘black and white’ orders to protect SEQ habitats

Queensland’s last-chance plan to protect threatened koalas will not be “some grey utopian report” but have precise recommendations, the chair of an … [follow link to original story…]

Kangaroo Island koalas are only ones in Australia without chlamydia and may mean their long …

Kangaroo Island koalas may hold the key to the long-term survival of the disease-threatened species in Australia, new research by the University of … [follow link to original story…]

MidCoast Council rejects multi housing development at Tinonee

A known koala habitat, neighboring resident, Peggy Bird said she was happy and relieved both for … “Tinonee is a hotspot for koalas in the area.”. [follow link to original story…]