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Bear the dog helps rescue koalas in Australia’s horror bushfire conditions

As if we couldn’t love dogs any more. You may remember Bear, the koala rescuing dog who became a national treasure when he went viral on social … [follow link to original story…]

Minister Matt Kean meets with Great Koala National Park representatives

With so much koala habitat destroyed in the recent fires, all koala habitat is vitally important, and the unique forests of the mid north coast are now home … [follow link to original story…]

Koala losses from recent NSW bushfires ‘One of the most significant biodiversity impacts in our …

Authorities may have underestimated the extent of the impact of the bushfires on koalas on the North Coast, a New South Wales ecologist has said. [follow link to original story…]

Koala losses ‘spectacularly huge’ after NSW drought, bushfires

Ecologists estimate the recent drought and huge bushfires have killed thousands of koalas in NSW, pushing the marsupial to “endangered status” in … [follow link to original story…]

Koala Rescue: The TV event highlighting volunteers, hospitals and bushfire updates

One iconic Aussie animal became the deadly symbol of summer’s devastating megafires. Koalas were trapped in the flames – unable to escape, … [follow link to original story…]

Koala captured on thermal camera

A NOTE ABOUT RELEVANT ADVERTISING: We collect information about the content (including ads) you use across this site and use it to make both … [follow link to original story…]

Think Australia’s bushfires killed a lot of animals? Weak environmental laws threaten the lives of …

These species included koalas, ornamental snakes, water mice, rock wallabies, and countless non-listed species like sugar gliders, dunnarts and … [follow link to original story…]

Our History | On the hunt for koalas, past and present

The recent catastrophic bushfires have highlighted the vulnerability of our native wildlife as never before. Animals have died in countless numbers, … [follow link to original story…]

Premier must Intervene and Protect Threatened Species Habitat after Fires

“We’ve lost at least 8,000 of koalas in these bushfires, yet their habitat continues to be logged in many parts of NSW. State-owned forests on the … [follow link to original story…]

Syrian refugee children in Jordan draw pictures for Australian bushfire survivors

… nine-year-old Syrian refugees Ayman and twin brother Anas Tahleh began drawing pictures of kangaroos and koalas to lift the spirits of Australian … [follow link to original story…]