Koala Kids’ Corner

Koala Kids' Corner

On this page you will find lots of downloadable resources for kids including trivia, find-a-words and colouring in sheets.

Colouring-In Templates

#00 Northern-Rivers-Koalas-and-Friends [562KB]

#01 Sleeping Elliott [1.3MB]]

#02 River and Pebbles [1.3MB]

#03 Koala Mask [889KB]

Koala Flats

See if you can find some of our wildlife, including koalas. Click here and download to see how many you can find.

To colour-in Koala Flats click here and download

Quizzes and Trivia

Be a Koala Watcher

Healthy, Happy Koala I.D.

How you can help koalas

Koala Fact or Fiction

Koala Trivia

Koala Watch


Find-a-Word #1

Find-a-Word #2