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Welcome to the team! 

Friends of the Koala Management Committee are pleased to announce Silva Everaers as our new interim General Manager! Silva starts her new role mid-July.  

Silva joined the Management Committee in October and moved into an HR manager role for 1 day a week in May. She has thrown herself into the organisation taking on a number of projects to support our organisation, staff and volunteers. 

After our advertisement in the last e-newsletter, we engaged an external panel for the interview and selection process of interested candidates. The panel concluded Silva would make a great addition to our team. She comes to the position with years of experience in management and HR and we are convinced she will make a wonderful contribution to the organisation. She will step down from the committee in early July. 

We have also welcomed Liz McLeod (Veterinary Nurse) and Dr Alex Brandon (Veterinary Surgeon) to our IFAW-sponsored vet team on a part time basis, and are very excited to have them join us! 

We are also excited to welcome two new committee members, Stacie Barry (Secretary) and Beth Wilson (Treasurer). Both will bring new energy into the committee. Stacie is an educator and Beth runs her own accounting firm.  

Welcome to the team everyone!