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Premier urged to stop koala-habitat logging near Bellingen

Eight NSW environment groups have written to the NSW Premier urging her to intervene to protect an area of Gladstone State Forest, near Bellingen, vital to the protection of koalas in NSW. Logging operations are planned in Gladstone State Forest where hundreds of koala scats were found by … [follow link to original story…]

Research sheds light on mite causing wombat mange

Bribie Island-raised PhD student Tamieka Fraser, who is jointly enrolled at USC and the University of Tasmania, was lead investigator on a recently-published study that for the first time sequenced a genome in the scabies mite infecting two Australian marsupials, wombats and koalas. The debilitating … [follow link to original story…]

Vegetation laws won’t help save koalas

KOALA experts say stronger land clearing laws will do little towards preserving koala populations due to inaccurate mapping data and a lack of balanced cleared and timbered land. The Koala Foundation estimates there are less than 100,000 koalas left in Australia with loss of habitat usually the first to … [follow link to original story…]

Tradie angle as koala cruelty probe continues

THE RSPCA is investigating the possibility a tradie is responsible for the koala incident that outraged the world. Whether the koala was dead already, the gruesome reality is that someone had some screws and used them proficiently, when he or she attached the animal to a pole of the gazebo at Brooloo … [follow link to … Read more


KOALAS FEELING THE HEAT THIS SUMMER PERIOD. Charmaine Mifsud January 18, 2018 Mid North News Leave a comment. Share. Facebook · Twitter. A koala rescue service in the Manning Valley says its seen an influx of koalas suffering from scorching temperatures. Koalas in Care is currently … [follow link to original story…]

A shot in the arm for our wildlife

The grant will go directly to upgrading bird and koala rehabilitation facilities, as well as turtle recovery ponds and pools. New industrial-grade washing machines and various maintenance and repairs will also be included. Federal Member for Fisher Andrew Wallace said the grant would help koalas in … [follow link to original story…]

Plans to protect environment surrounding Mt Gilead on exhibition

We already lose koalas on Appin Rd, but for every one that dies we know that at least one more is getting across and using that land.” According to a report prepared by Eco Logical Australia on behalf of Lendlease, the development area contains 5.21ha of critically endangered Cumberland Plain … [follow link to original story…]

Koalas under threat in south-east Queensland as habitat disappears for housing

Koalas across the country are under threat and have almost disappeared completely in some areas of Queensland’s so-called Koala Coast. One of the most viable populations in the state’s south-east is now under pressure, as habitat is being bulldozed to make way for affordable housing. [follow link to original story…]

Groundbreaking study reveals secret life of our koalas

A YEAR of studying koalas has revealed their habits and disease rates in a bid to increase their dwindling numbers. In May 2016, the Richard Branson Koala Conservancy was established in an attempt to counteract the local and regional koala crisis and after its first year of activities, details of their pilot … [follow link to … Read more

Almost 30 koala rescued through one south-west wildlife centre

Mrs Wilson said the harvest of blue gum plantations in the south-west meant that koalas were often in search of new habitat. She said there was bound to be more koalas in the landscape because of that and she had seen koalas roam as far as 30kms looking for food. “Any loss of habitat will … Read more