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Our Team is Growing

Since starting late last year, we have overseen some exciting growth in our staff team. Jackie Reed (Superintendent Vet) and Richard Atkin (Change Manager) have been working closely to scale the vet services team with support from the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) who fund all FOK’s costs relating to vet capacity. We’ve recently welcomed … Read more


When is Planting a Success?

A sure indicator of success when undertaking koala habitat restoration projects is having planted trees browsed by koalas. This has been the case on the Lismore floodplain where two-year-old trees are being regularly browsed by the very animal that we are targeting, the ‘Iconic’ koala. Scratch marks (like the ones above) and scats are clear … Read more


Habitat Restoration

Thanks to the ongoing support from Billie Roberts and the NSW Saving Our Species program, FOK bush regeneration teams have been able to continue the vital corridor restoration works on the banks of the Wilson River south of Lismore. The work focuses on controlling woody weeds, specifically Indian coral tree and replacing them with endemic … Read more

Friends Of The Koala

Triumph for the World’s First Koala Prosthesis

In case you missed the news, Triumph our male resident koala has received the first koala prosthesis.Triumph only has three feet, a congenital defect he received from birth. Instead of a foot on his right leg, he has a stump with a small foot pad on the end. While he moves around considerably well, he … Read more


Koala Hospital Expansion Plans

In the last financial year, we rescued more than 330 koalas across the Northern Rivers region. Since becoming the first koala hospital in the region, our admission rates are predicted to increase beyond the carrying capacity of our current facilities. So we are beyond thrilled to have collaborated with WWF which will enable us to expand our … Read more

New Logo for Friends of the Koala

Operating for over 35 years, we have an established history of working towards positive outcomes for koalas. Our profile has grown rapidly following the 2019-20 bushfire season, triggering the need to refresh the logo to better reflect our current and future direction. Proud of our 35-year legacy, the new logo retains core features of the previous design such as … Read more


Fundraiser Raffle

After three months of selling tickets at markets, in homes and on the streets of Lismore and Casino our first raffle for 2021 was drawn on Monday March 1. The Lismore Mayor, Vanessa Ekins (pictured) pulled the winning tickets at Friends of the Koala along with Burribi our mascot and volunteers Lola Whitney and Debbie Gooley. 1st … Read more

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Enhancing koala corridors on Wilson River Floodplain

This project funded by the NSW Environmental Trust, aims to strengthen partnerships with Monaltrie (south of Lismore) land managers and Landcarers with the primary aim of addressing the risks to the koalas that were abundant on these sites. Financial support from Lismore City council of $30,000,  has enabled FOK to extend the corridor work on … Read more

Providing Home Care for Koalas

‘I volunteered in the wildlife hospital with koalas for 4 years, learning much about them and also how to handle them with care.  I kept asking questions and the hospital manager thought she could get rid of me by saying I could become a carer, so with her 24/7 help I jumped into it. By … Read more

Volunteering with Friends of the Koala – an international perspective

Volunteering with Friends of the Koala – an international perspective Friends of the Koala was fortunate enough to have Nadine Kuhn from Germany, volunteer full time Monday to Friday for the entire month of January. With Koalas being her favourite animal, Nadine loved the nature of our work and took on all aspects of volunteering … Read more