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Joey Buddies

Join our fun monthly subscription for koala lovers worldwide.


Joey Buddies

Join our fun monthly subscription for koala lovers worldwide.

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Welcome to Joey Buddies

 Here you begin a big adventure with me, Pala the joey koala, and my fun joey koala friends.

When you join Joey Buddies, you will discover all there is to know about koalas like me, and the wonderful people who are working to help us every day.

The best thing is that just by being a member you are helping too! Your membership helps plant our precious food trees and rescue sick, injured or orphaned koalas.

I was rescued once too

When I was a little joey only 9 months old, I was found all alone and I was rescued by Friends of the Koala. Here I was cared for by a whole team of kind people who look after all the rescued koalas. They helped me grow up safe and get back to the wild when I was big enough to go out on my own.

To read all about my rescue and path to recovery, join me at Joey Buddies! 

Pala the Koala

Joey Buddies is for people who love koalas

I will send you a special club email every month full of things to do and learn about me and my cute koala buddies. And your membership helps real koalas get the support they need.

Every month you will get:
  • Koala Printables
    Printable koala merchandise & activities
  • Koala Videos
    Behind the scenes koala videos
  • Koala Facts
    Fascinating koala facts & stories
  • Koala Photo Backgrounds
    Photo backgrounds
  • Koala Contests and prizes
    Competitions and a chance to win prizes!
And more!! 
Dear Parents

Dear grown ups!

Joey Buddies helps discover the work of koala conservation in a fun way, fostering empathy and compassion. Everyone will feel very special receiving their email, and we have put a lot of love into the content.

Joey Buddies is educational, engaging, and entertaining - it is the gift that keeps on giving!

Note: Friends of the Koala is a not-for-profit organisation, and joining Joey Buddies directly supports the work of rescuing and rehabilitating sick, injured and orphaned koalas.

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