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National Threatened Species Day

Today is National Threatened Species day. The date commemorates the death of the last known Tasmanian tiger in 1936. Through rescue, rehabilitation, release, habitat restoration, research, advocacy, community engagement and education we are doing everything in our power to secure a future for koalas. Support us by donating now, all donations small or large make a difference for koalas now and in the future. 

Did you know that 70% of Australian adults don’t have a legally binding Will? To encourage our supporters to create a Will, we have partnered with Gathered Here, who are offering free and legally binding Wills in less than 10 minutes, with unlimited updates for life. After you’ve provided for your loved ones, we would love you to consider leaving even a small percentage of your estate or a gift to Friends of the Koala. Whilst this is not a requirement for using this platform, a bequest or a gift in your Will is a lasting and meaningful way that you can help us secure a future for koalas for generations to come. You can create your free Will now by visiting here (insert link to: