News Treetops Issue 1

Koala Hospital Expansion Plans

In the last financial year, we rescued more than 330 koalas across the Northern Rivers region. Since becoming the first koala hospital in the region, our admission rates are predicted to increase beyond the carrying capacity of our current facilities. So we are beyond thrilled to have collaborated with WWF which will enable us to expand our current hospital and broader care facility to provide critical support to sick, injured and orphaned koalas.

To date we have engaged a Project Manager, David McGrath who has been working with Lismore City Council and sort advice from Currumbin Wildlife Hospital and Port Macquarie Koala Hospital to gain valuable insights into the design of the hospital buildings and care facilities.

Our new hospital will include a public education space, four ICU rooms, larger surgery and treatment rooms, a dedicated lab area and necropsy space. This expansion will not only make a huge difference to the Vet Team and volunteers who work in the space every day but will enable us to treat and rehabilitate more sick, injured and orphaned koalas on site.