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Enhancing koala corridors on Wilson River Floodplain

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This project funded by the NSW Environmental Trust, aims to strengthen partnerships with Monaltrie (south of Lismore) land managers and Landcarers with the primary aim of addressing the risks to the koalas that were abundant on these sites. Financial support from Lismore City council of $30,000,  has enabled FOK to extend the corridor work on the Wilson River floodplain. The objectives of the project are to increase community capacity to better manage agricultural land for the benefit of koalas and other wildlife who are being impacted by habitat fragmentation. The wider community is being targeted through education initiatives to raise awareness and to encourage the planting of paddock trees that provide a safe refuge for koalas having to cross vast expanses of grazing land. Professional bush regenerators have been engaged to restore the conservation values of riparian vegetation & expand & strengthen Koala habitat, corridors & linkages.  Restoration work will serve to strengthen species migration pathways & create fauna refuges for other species while re-establishing linear corridors that allow unrestricted movement. Woody weeds specifically Coral Tree, are being replaced with Koala food trees and other endemic lowland subtropical rainforest species, these areas are being fenced with electric fences to exclude cattle. FOK are working in partnership with nine land owners and the Ngulingah Local Aboriginal Land Council.

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