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New Rescue Van out and about




Last year we were fortunate to have a new VW Transporter All Wheel Drive Van donated to us by The Tony & Lisette Lewis Foundation’s WildlifeLink. It took some time to arrive, be commissioned and have the great new signage applied, but is now fully operational and making an impact.

This is the second Rescue Van donated by WildlifeLink. They donated our first Toyota Hiace Rescue Van some ten years ago as well as our trailer, both of which are essential for our rescue and rehabilitation work. On top of that, they fund the operational costs each year. This generous donation has made a significant difference to us and our capacity as volunteers to make a difference for koalas in the Northern Rivers. They, and we, are most grateful. 

A new addition funded by WildlifeLink with our Transporter Rescue van has been the use of images of two of our koalas, which both attract a great deal of attention, particularly that of our cheeky Lauren on the back window. But even more important, the bolder message about our Rescue Hotline, and our campaign to put that number in your phone, will hopefully mean people report injured and diseased koalas earlier, leading to better outcomes for them.


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