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News, blogs and publications. Here we share all things koala conservation!



News, blogs and publications. Here we share all things koala conservation!

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Port Stephens forum targets 40000 feed trees to help save the iconic koala

Following a horrific summer for the koala population, there is a renewed push in Port Stephens to save the iconic marsupial from extinction by planting ... [follow link to original story...]

Follow the sign, slow down, save a koala

MOTORISTS will have another reminder to slow down and take care in koala habitats with newly-installed flashing signs. Lismore City Council has ... [follow link to original story...]

‘Line in the sand’: NSW Labor plans blitz to undo environmental ‘mess’

A Labor government in NSW would expand national parks to protect koalas, curb feral horses, and step up climate change action including setting a ... [follow link to original story...]

‘Koala brewery’ DA to be dramatically downsized

Proposals for a major tourism development and koala hospital for Hinterland Way have been dramatically downsized, according to the developers' ... [follow link to original story...]

Meet Canberra’s new one-metre tall koala population

If Canberrans go exploring across the city next month they might just catch a glimpse of some members of its new koala population. Unfortunately ... [follow link to original story...]

Koala monitoring won’t ease the threat to species

I read in the Port News (Feb 7) an article titled NSW Government tracking logging impacts on koalas which describes a study being carried out by ... [follow link to original...


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