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News, blogs and publications. Here we share all things koala conservation!



News, blogs and publications. Here we share all things koala conservation!

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Koalas are in danger of becoming extinct, WWF warns

The World Wildlife Fund is warning koalas will be extinct from New South Wales in just 30 years. The group has released a report assessing the state ... [follow link to...

Feisty koala fights good Samaritan who discovers the furry creatures are not so sweet

Local Maritime Board officer Max Morgan was led to believe koalas were quiet, timid creatures until he tried to rescue one on Thursday morning. [follow link to original story...]

Great Koala National Park concept plan to be launched soon

The spectacular natural features of the Nambucca Valley hinterland within the proposed Great Koala National Park (GKNP) and the economic ... [follow link to original story...]

Koalas could be extinct within 40 years, expert warns

A KOALA expert and scientist has released mapping showing the Lismore region has lost 60 per cent of koala habitat since European settlement. [follow link to original story...]

Queensland’s first Koala Advisory Council meets in Brisbane

The way forward for koala conservation in Queensland was at the centre of discussion at today's first meeting of the Queensland Koala Advisory ... [follow link to original story...]

Wildlife, koalas hit hard in Gosse bushfire

“I personally witnessed burning koalas falling out of trees, burnt koalas trying to escape across the limited cleared areas, countless females with joeys ... [follow link to original story...]


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