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News, blogs and publications. Here we share all things koala conservation!



News, blogs and publications. Here we share all things koala conservation!

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Koala watchers fear most animals died after being moved for Gold Coast development

Only two of the 180 tagged koalas deliberately shifted by Gold Coast City Council and the Queensland government between 2008 and 2014 near ... [follow link to original story...]

Conservationists not killing koalas

Koalas don't benefit from 'productive' forest management. In 1788 there were about 10 million koalas in Australia, today in NSW there are fewer than ... [follow link to original story...]

Koalas face wipe-out as WWF points finger at Australia

The number of animals around the world has more than halved in the last 40 years, with scientists warning koalas are among hundreds of Australian ... [follow link to original story...]

For the koalas II

After witnessing Forests NSW management firsthand it's clear that Susie's and Dailan's conservation zeal would not be responsible for koalas' ... [follow link to original story...]

Wildlife wipe-out: Global animal numbers plummet 60%, koala populations dying faster

But koala numbers in Australia have declined at an even faster rate, and the beloved national animal is at serious risk of disappearing entirely from ... [follow link to original story...]

Australia’s global shame

EARTH has lost a staggering 60 per cent of its wildlife populations since 1970, a bleak new report has revealed. But koala numbers in Australia have ... [follow link to original...


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