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News, blogs and publications. Here we share all things koala conservation!



News, blogs and publications. Here we share all things koala conservation!

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Meet Canberra’s new one-metre tall koala population

If Canberrans go exploring across the city next month they might just catch a glimpse of some members of its new koala population. Unfortunately ... [follow link to original story...]

Koala monitoring won’t ease the threat to species

I read in the Port News (Feb 7) an article titled NSW Government tracking logging impacts on koalas which describes a study being carried out by ... [follow link to original...

Greenies on why Gold Coast Mayor is ‘obnoxious and insulting’ after koala spray

MAYOR Tom Tate has lit the fuse for a war with Gold Coast environmental groups after calling on them to “show us the money” and help buy up koala ... [follow...

Tom Tate to greenies: ‘Show us the money’

MAYOR Tom Tate is challenging environmentalists to “show us the money” as the Gold Coast City Council gives the green light to buying up koala ... [follow link to original story...]

Rescuers call for change after koala killed in brutal attack

SUNSHINE Coast animal rescuers say people need to take more responsibility for their dogs after a well-known koala was reportedly mauled to death ... [follow link to original story...]

Murrah Flora Reserve left underfunded with no strategic plan, claim Greens

“This is an enormous threat to both the koalas and to local community. ... "The primary purpose of the reserve is to protect koala habitat and extend the ... [follow link...


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