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News, blogs and publications. Here we share all things koala conservation!



News, blogs and publications. Here we share all things koala conservation!

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Letter: Koalas on the brink

The community can have no faith the offsets planned to compensate for the bulldozing of prime and secondary koala habitat and an Endangered ... [follow link to original story...]

EPA stops logging at Limpinwood for inspection

The koala, now named Paris, that has survived the Limpinwood logging is now being cared for by Friends of the Koala (FoK). A second koala is also ... [follow link to...

Koala killed in St. Helena tunnel on the Pacific Highway

On 30 August at 3 a.m a koala was killed in the St. Helena Tunnel west of Byron Bay. However, the RMS monitors, who monitor the tunnel 24/7, did everything...

Healthy koala colonies potentially the next victims of Sydney’s housing crisis

That was then. Now, as pressures mount to grab ever more land for housing, Sydney's last koala holdouts – making up some of the healthiest colonies ... [follow link to original...

Brisbane City Council installs koala warning signs on Toohey Rd ahead of mating season

“Residents are reminded that with the approaching spring and summer months – their usual mating season – koalas can be more active seeking fresh ... [follow link to original story...]

Australian animals on the brink of extinction

Two of the most unique among them is the koala, the teddy bear of Australia, and the emu, Australia's largest bird. Landcare Australia, an organisation ... [follow link to original story...]


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