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Donate to save koalas

Our beautiful koalas face multiple threats. Threats brought about largely as unintentional consequences of our lifestyles including: urban development, habitat fragmentation, tree-logging, agriculture, disease, as well as natural disasters related to climate change. But it is not all doom and gloom. Many, many beautiful people are giving koalas and other wildlife a voice and work … Read more

Without our almost 300 volunteers - there would be no Friends of the Koala

National Volunteer Week 2024

It’s National Volunteer Week. As a volunteer-based organisation with close to 300 active volunteers, all of whom contribute massively to the conservation of koalas, recognising and appreciating our volunteers is really important to us. A huge thank you to each and everyone of them! Together, we are an incredibly resilient force in koala conservation – … Read more

koala kindy May 2024(6)

Koala Kindy May 2024

Well it’s that time of year again in the Northern Rivers, when most of our little fledglings are young, wild and free again. Release is an integral part of our rescue efforts, if not the most important part of it. Our job is to rescue sick, injured or orphaned koalas and restore them to optimum … Read more

Announcing the NSW Koala Hospital Alliance (NKHA)

The NSW Koala Hospitals Alliance

We are thrilled to announce the formation of the NSW Koala Hospital Alliance launched aptly on Wild Koala Day – May 3rd 2024 and proud to be part of group of likeminded people focussed on saving the koala from extinction in NSW. This is a monumental occasion for koala conservation efforts in NSW. Read the … Read more

World Endangered Species Day

World Endangered Species Day 2024

As we approach World Endangered Species Day on 17th of May, we would like to raise awareness of the importance of wildlife conservation, our beloved koalas and celebrate some wins. Our beautiful planet is the only known planet to host life – many different kinds of life – what taxonomists estimate to be approximately1.7 million … Read more

Press release – Rescued near death, koala joey Hobi makes a full recovery at the Northern Rivers Koala Hospital

Lismore – Northern Rivers, NSW — A koala discovered cold and alone under a bush has made an astonishing recovery at the Northern Rivers Koala Hospital, operated by Friends of the Koala and newly renamed to better reflect the organisation’s long-standing comprehensive approach to koala conservation across the Northern Rivers region. Hobi was found as … Read more

Bushfire Recovery Nursery in Lismore, Friends of the Koala

On our way to 1 Million trees!

Our Community Native Plant Nursery has distributed 964,000 trees since it’s humble beginnings. We are well on our way to 1,000,000 trees sold or given away to landholders and habitat restoration groups across the Northern Rivers region. We are looking forward to reaching that milestone! But first things first: today we are celebrating the 240,000th … Read more

Friends of the Koala, Koala Kindy April 2024

Koala Kindy April 2024

Welcome to April at Koala Kindy where we are down to just six joeys! The departures to plantations continue following our busiest season for our youngest rescues and the squad are all doing great. Hip Hop, Maleny and Johnny are off to greener pastures whilst Brown Sugar is not quite ready yet, catch up with … Read more

Are koalas dumb?

Koalas aren’t dumb, they are sleepy survivors

Are koalas dumb? This question has been asked many times and koala intelligence hotly debated. Here is what we know about koala intelligence combined with our experience gained from observing koala behaviour. Just because they are sleepy, docile creatures doesn’t mean they are stupid. Koalas have their own personalities, some come with more attitude than … Read more

Friends of the Koala NSW Koala Summit

NSW Koala Summit 2024 & Koala Strategy Discussion Paper

Back row from left: Rhonda James (Landholder and Vice-President FOK), Michael Kennedy (Aboriginal Partnerships Officer – North Coast Regional Landcare), Lorraine Vass (Patron FOK), Marama Hopkins (Conservation Planning Officer Tweed Shire Council), Maria Matthes (Saving Ballina’s Koalas and Area Coordinator FOK), Linda Swankie (Ecologist Bangalow Koalas and Area Coordinator FOK) Front row: Allison Kelly (President … Read more