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East Coraki second community planting day

Hanging out at East Coraki

Friends of the Koala’s second community planting day will take place on Saturday 19th of August and we invite you to join us!

Our second community planting day is again made possible thanks to the Australian Government’s grant for its ‘Hanging out at East Coraki: Koalas thriving in an agricultural landscape’ – project.

Our first community planting day saw twenty five dedicated people come from as far as Evans and Lennox Head plant five hundred and thirty five trees to support koalas in this agricultural landscape.

Gather up your friends and join us for a morning of planting with refreshments and a light lunch – book your spot with Ina at: or phone: 0413 710 9147.

Our first community planting day photos:

More about the project in the media:

About the project

Koalas in this area survive on food trees along a narrow riparian strip, single paddock trees and trees planted by landholders in the past but there aren’t enough koala food trees to sustain the local sub-population and as a result the area is overpopulated. Read more about the project here.


Dr Fiona Fraser, Australia’s Threatened Species Commissioner on TwitterFacebook and Instagram

Australian Government Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water on TwitterFacebook and Instagram

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