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Friends of the Koala have seven koala food tree plantations

Koala food tree plantations

As most of you know, we work holistically and on a large scale. Did you know we have seven koala food tree plantations? These plantations are managed by our Plantation Maintenance team led by Heather Gillard. Below is an update about the work on one of the plantations. Check it out. This year, Northern NSW … Read more

Soft release is the final stage of releasing a koala back to the wild

What does it take to ‘soft release’ koalas?

We are delighted to have our first six joeys of the season back in the wild following soft release. Here is an account of what it involves. Pikachu*, Nightshade, Panko and Frankie as well as Baby Bear and Minni Mae have been released and all of them have been spotted since. It has been a … Read more

See what our joeys are up to in Koala Kindy to start off 2024!

Koala Kindy January 2024

Koala Kindy arrivals and departures were very busy these last few weeks which means that our incredible volunteers had a lot to do! It has also been hot and very wet here in the Northern Rivers which poses it’s own challenges. Frankie, Panko, Pikachu, Baby Bear, 8 Mile, Nightshade and Minnie May have all been … Read more

Friends of the Koala resident koala - Charlotte

Volunteers in Focus

2024 is in full swing at Friends of the Koala, thanks to our amazing volunteers who work tirelessly throughout the year and over the holidays to make sure our koalas are well cared for and others are being rescued and treated in our hospital. January is a time to plan and set goals and our … Read more

Volunteer with Koalas

International Volunteer Day 2023

5 December is International Volunteer Day, this year the theme is “if everyone did…” which centers on the power of collective action. You can read more about it on the UN Volunteers website. We here at Friends of the Koala completely understand the importance of volunteering and need no convincing. We are a volunteer-led organisation … Read more

Friends of the Koala Management Committee and Volunteers

Annual General Meeting – AGM

Our AGM alongside with our Annual Report 2022/23 provide an opportunity to reflect on our achievements and challenges throughout the financial year and to share our plans for the future with our members. This year was a big year for Friends of the Koala for many reasons, but the main reason is the impact our … Read more

Volunteer to save koalas in the Northern Rivers NSW

Volunteers in Focus – October

It has been a busy and challenging time for our volunteers with so many koalas needing our help, but every day they show up with passion and dedication for our koalas and we cannot thank them enough! Our ‘Volunteers in Focus’ is our small attempt at highlighting the amazing work that they do. Our koala … Read more

Meet our koala volunteers

Volunteers in Focus – September

We would like to acknowledge the tough job our volunteers face, day and night. Especially the first responders who attend to car hits, dog attacks and other incidents, who go out in the middle of the night, who answer the phone. It’s a really rough time for them. A huge THANK YOU from the bottom … Read more

Hanging out at East Coraki

East Coraki second community planting day

Friends of the Koala’s second community planting day will take place on Saturday 19th of August and we invite you to join us! Our second community planting day is again made possible thanks to the Australian Government’s grant for its ‘Hanging out at East Coraki: Koalas thriving in an agricultural landscape’ – project. Our first … Read more

Meet our Volunteers who work tirelessly to save koalas

Volunteers in Focus July

Volunteers are an integral part of our organisation and collectively have far-reaching impact – on our organisation, wildlife conservation, the local community and society as a whole. Within our industry our amazing volunteers and their achievements are well known. This month we congratulate those who have completed their koala care induction program which includes a … Read more