Coraki Planting Project

Friends of the Koala is excited to have received a grant from the Australian Government for its ‘Hanging out at East Coraki: Koalas thriving in an agricultural landscape’ – project and to be running the first Community Tree Planting Day on Saturday May 20th.

Hanging out at East Coraki
Community Planting Day – East Coraki

The area is being overpopulated. The koalas survive on food trees along a narrow riparian strip, single paddock trees and trees planted by landholders in the past, but there aren’t enough koala food trees to sustain the local sub-population.

Koala Habitat East Coraki
A koala sits on a defoliated tree in East Coraki

The project includes weed control in koala habitat along the river and tree planting koala habitat on several properties, as well as koala habitat assessment, and monitoring of the koalas. Friends of the Koala will be doing all it can to create an environment where the koalas will be able to not just survive, but thrive.

Koala Habitat East Coraki
Join us for a community planting day on Saturday 20th May

We are so appreciative of the great support from the landholders to having more koala trees and koalas on their properties. If there are other landholders in East Coraki, or elsewhere, who would like to help our koalas and plant some trees, we would love them to contact us. Read more about this project: Koalas are hanging out at East Coraki.

Koala Habitat East Coraki
Overpopulation at East Coraki has caused tree defoliation – join us for a community planting day Saturday 20th May


Dr Fiona Fraser, Australia’s Threatened Species Commissioner on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Australian Government Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram