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World Endangered Species Day

World Endangered Species Day 2024

As we approach World Endangered Species Day on 17th of May, we would like to raise awareness of the importance of wildlife conservation, our beloved koalas and celebrate some wins. Our beautiful planet is the only known planet to host life – many different kinds of life – what taxonomists estimate to be approximately1.7 million … Read more

Bushfire Recovery Nursery in Lismore, Friends of the Koala

On our way to 1 Million trees!

Our Community Native Plant Nursery has distributed 964,000 trees since it’s humble beginnings. We are well on our way to 1,000,000 trees sold or given away to landholders and habitat restoration groups across the Northern Rivers region. We are looking forward to reaching that milestone! But first things first: today we are celebrating the 240,000th … Read more


Happy National Eucalyptus Day 2024!

Each year we celebrate National Eucalyptus Day on the 23rd of March. Now in its eleventh year, it’s important to us to raise awareness about Eucalypts – why we need and love them. As part of our celebration we focused some of our attention this month on the amazing work our volunteers do in making … Read more

Friends of the Koala have seven koala food tree plantations

Koala food tree plantations

As most of you know, we work holistically and on a large scale. Did you know we have seven koala food tree plantations? These plantations are managed by our Plantation Maintenance team led by Heather Gillard. Below is an update about the work on one of the plantations. Check it out. This year, Northern NSW … Read more

Northern Rivers koala population

Local news round-up – October

Northern Rivers Koala Count Thank you to all you Citizen Scientists who joined our first ever official Northern Rivers Koala Count – we hope to make this an annual event. Koala counts are a crucial part of koala protection. They can provide us with a greater understanding of the size of our koala population here … Read more

Sustainability and koalas

Sustainability Day 2023

The last Wednesday of every October is Sustainability Day – on 25th October this year – and an opportunity to raise awareness about why sustainability is important to everyone living on our planet – including our beloved, iconic koala! What is sustainability and why is it important? Sustainability is the ability to exist and develop … Read more

Save more koalas - plant more trees

Plant more trees and save more koalas

How can we save more koalas for Save the Koala month? By planting more trees! Unfortunately, habitat availability and habitat destruction is the single greatest threat to the survival of koalas and as part of Save the Koala month, Friends of the Koala aims to raise awareness for what is one of the core objectives … Read more


Local news round-up for September

Get ready for the great Northern Rivers Koala Count! Together with Northern Rivers Koala Partnership – which includes local Councils of Ballina, Byron, Kyogle, Lismore, Richmond Valley and Tweed – we are asking you to look for koalas and make a special effort to report sightings on our website. Our week-long initiative runs from September … Read more

Friends of the Koala and University of the Sunshine Coast (UniSC) vaccinating wild koalas at Ruthven

Ruthven University of the Sunshine Coast (UniSC) koala vaccination project update

We are delighted to say that our koala vaccination project collaboration with the University of the Sunshine Coast (UniSC) and the Department of Planning and Environment vaccinating wild koalas at Ruthven has reached completion. In total, Friends of the koala captured fifty koalas and vaccinated forty six, many of these were young dispersing joeys or … Read more

Hanging out at East Coraki

East Coraki second community planting day

Friends of the Koala’s second community planting day will take place on Saturday 19th of August and we invite you to join us! Our second community planting day is again made possible thanks to the Australian Government’s grant for its ‘Hanging out at East Coraki: Koalas thriving in an agricultural landscape’ – project. Our first … Read more