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Koala Guardians Project

Koala Guardians Community Mapping

Koalas are under threat of extinction. Human developments have impacted on koalas negatively, however, we can also create solutions and reverse the negative trend. And the good news is, there is growing momentum in redressing some of the environmental sins of the past.

Enter citizen science and technology. Increasingly, community mapping projects that utilise the technology in our hands, namely smartphones, are helping to save endangered species such as koalas.

We are delighted to take part in one such project, which is aptly named ‘Koala Guardians’ and is a partnership with UniSC University of the Sunshine Coast, Redland City Council, Griffith University and many other organisations. The ‘Koala Guardians’ project will provide selected individuals in our community with the technology to monitor koalas with a particular focus on those with tell-tale signs of being unwell such as a stained rump from chlamydia.

Koala Guardians has the potential to be an incredible tool to gather local knowledge about our koalas, to identify sick or injured koalas and therefore enable early treatment which in turn improves outcomes for koalas. The earlier koalas are treated for chlamydia, the better their chances to recover.

This exciting new collaboration offers an inclusive, efficient and accessible system for members of the community to play an important part in koala conservation. Read more about it here.

Read about our vaccination project with UniSC University of the Sunshine Coast and help us vaccinate more koalas, see who our other partners are or read about our East Coraki Community Planting Project.

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