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Help koalas survive bushfires

Help save koalas this bushfire season in Australia

You may have already heard in the news – the Australian bushfire season is upon us.

Our plans are well under way to allow us to rescue, treat and rehabilitate as many sick and injured koalas as we possibly can if and when they need us.

Did you know that we operate NSW’s largest Koala Hospital with dedicated veterinary surgeons and vet nurses ready to treat koalas in need of care? We help koalas suffering from burns, trauma, confusion, smoke inhalation, lack of nutrition, or those who have been in accidents or attacked while escaping.

Being equipped with the correct tools allows us to plan ahead, act early and save more koalas.

Emergency situations like bushfires impact on our day-to-day resources in many ways and require an assortment of additional supplies such as:

  • Essential rescue equipment – large transport crates, flagging poles, nets, traps, towels, blankets, medications and koala feeding equipment.
  • We also need supplementary enclosures to accommodate the rescued koalas, plus medications and other items to treat injured koalas.

We need your help to save koalas and ensure their survival. Donate today

Help us save koalas from bushfires

There are a number of other things you can do alongside donating or as an alternative to help koalas in the future.

You can:

  • Plant koala food trees or adopt a tree and we will plant it for you.
  • Learn how to identify an injured koala and how and where to call our 24/7 emergency hotline: 02 6622 1233 if you see a sick or injured koala. If you see a healthy koala report it on our website.
  • Take action to limit climate change, which is making extreme weather and emergencies more frequent and extreme.

In the media:

Bushfire season 2023/2024 is already here and Friends of the Koala have commented in the media about the situation, the challenges we face, our fears over what looms ahead and a call to government to step up and help protect koalas.

Read about our Bushfire Emergency Appeal here.

Find our more information on our hospital and our habitat restoration work and community nursery or why not do good whilst looking good – take a look at our partners and consider the impact your organisation can make.

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