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Holiday Opening Hours

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Christmas will pretty much be business as usual here at Friends of the Koala – our koalas still need our care and our 24/7 hotline will still be open for calls.

We could even experience an increase in the volume of rescue calls because the roads are busier than usual with people travelling and our region usually experiences a surge of holiday makers during this time of year.

Over the public holidays our vet relief team will be on board and the office is officially closed between 26th December and 2nd January. Our volunteer co-ordinator and volunteers will be working as usual and have organised a well deserved Christmas day lunch for the team. We are so grateful for their commitment to our work.

If you are spending time in the area why not come and visit us? We would love to see you but please make sure to prebook to ensure availability.

Tours are available Mon – Thurs at 2PM ONLY and are subject to changes over the holiday period.

Can we take this opportunity to please ask you to be careful on the roads and to look out for our furry friends? Look out for signs, drive slowly, look out for activity on the sides of the roads.

If you spot a koala, please phone our Rescue Hotline immediately (02) 6622 1233.

We have been contemplating why there has been an increase in car hits and have a theory that it could be due to increased movement of koalas this year in particular. If we think back to last mating season, more koalas were trapped due to flooding and perhaps this year they are just more motivated to reproduce. Who knows?!

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