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December at Koala Kindy

Koala kindy and Kookie enjoying the run

All is well in our Koala Kindy – very busy and full of girly energy!

Grouped together (for now, things change very quickly as these little ones grow up and go on to the next stage of their development), we have Seeana, Kula, Temika and Racquet – these joeys are all a little older and have been weaned from milk and love their leaves! Kula is new to the crew but probably won’t be with us for very long as she is healthy and a good size, so following her second vaccination she will be one of the first kindy kids to head out to plantation! In fact all of these girls will be headed out in the next few months, which is sooo… exciting!

Then we have the younger joeys – Kookie, Rafa and Magnus. Whilst Magnus is a little older he is small for his age and has been hand-reared so we are keeping him with the smaller ones for now.

In home care we have another two girls – Moby and Waratah.

Moby who is a newcomer to FOK is about seven months old. She was found by a fisherman on the riverbank, Moby appears to be in full health and is currently living with one of our experienced carers in homecare. Moby will stay with FOK until she is old enough to be released.

Waratah has had her first taste of koala kindy and spent a few hours hanging out with Kookie, Rafa and Magnus. She went right up to Magnus to check him out and have a good sniff.

We thought you might be interesting in learning a bit about how koalas live here at Friends of the Koala as a result of almost four decades of experience in caring for them.

What is a koala run?

Our healthy koalas live together in koala runs and our volunteers set these up in collaboration with our vet team making sure the run is set up ‘koala appropriate’. A koala run needs to be a safe and functional space – a natural playground where our koalas can practice climbing and jumping from tree to tree. It should be safe from predators and allow our koala carers and vets to access the koalas easily and safely.

How does a koala run refurbishment come about?

The Care Committee volunteers (Marley, Liz, Ina, Lindy, Louise and Dale) usually take care of organising run refurbishments.

Marley puts a call out to volunteers and the leafers for wood. Then Ina and April organise a team to make up the run with new logs etc in consultation with the vet team.

Our koalas are lucky to have such an amazing team looking after them and we are lucky to have koalas in Australia. We wouldn’t want to be without them ever and want to preserve these lovely, lovely animals for future generations.

Please help us keep our koalas and if you can, donate to us.

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