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Riley donates $100 through recycling

You can help us save koalas too!

We wanted to tell you about a young Australian entreprenuer with a passion for reycling!

Riley Wood saw a problem in his local community and an opportunity to not only fix it but to ‘set himself up for life’ and make a difference. Riley who collects cans and glass or plastic bottles and recycles them using the return and earn container deposit scheme, donates 10% of his earnings towards things he is passionate about.

This year Riley decided that he would like to help koalas and has donated $100 towards Friends of the Koala! We are thrilled – what a shining example this 11 year old boy is!

Riley’s journey began with the return and earn container deposit scheme – a NSW government initiative funded by contributions from the beverage industry. It offers a 10c refund to consumers for depositing eligible drink containers at return points across NSW.

Riley has also approached local businesses and asked them to partner with ‘Riley’s Recycling’ by donating their containers to him and things are really working out!

A huge thank you to Riley for his very generous contribution to our work in saving our koalas and best wishes and every success in life – keep up the good work!

Read more of Riley’s story here and more about the Return and Earn Scheme here and their partner TOMRA here.

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