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Koala food tree plantations

Friends of the Koala have seven koala food tree plantations

As most of you know, we work holistically and on a large scale. Did you know we have seven koala food tree plantations? These plantations are managed by our Plantation Maintenance team led by Heather Gillard. Below is an update about the work on one of the plantations. Check it out.

Heather gives us a plantation update.

This year, Northern NSW has reached three years post floods. With the rain and sunshine combo this season, we are having one of our best growth in a long time. The trees are all doing well – even the little ones and our plantation crew’s hard work in replanting and restaking has paid off. It is just wonderful to see all of this greenery following a particularly difficult period where the land went from scorched to a swamp in mere months, leaving some of our plantations unsafe for volunteers to enter.

However with a great growing season for our eucalyptus trees comes great growing weather for weeds and grass. As Heather points out in the video, some of the weeds are head height. It has been really challenging to keep on top of mowing because the grass is growing so fast – the grass in this video had only been mowed sixteen days earlier.

And this presents a good opportunity to express our gratitude. We are very thankful to the whole plantation maintenance team and would like to say a special thank you to Anthony for bringing his mower along. Together with our IFAW-funded mower it is allowing us to cope with the workload.

Thanks a million to Graeme King as well.

What a way to spend Valentine’s Day! Here some of us were working with the Plantation Team with their new mower trailer donated by Graeme King, one of the plantation volunteers. This is so generous and such a useful gift. We really appreciate it.

If you are interested in our plantation work, check these out:

If you would like to volunteer with us, please visit our Volunteer page and if you would like to view more of our plantation site visits please check out another video from Heather at Nesbitt Park.

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