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August saw the plantation team turn a corner in our flood clean-up efforts in our plantations. With some funding we were able to do some drainage works at the Bruxner Hwy Plantation. It is the first time we have been able to walk through the plantation without stepping into bogs. So now we will be able to plant hundreds of trees in the areas that have been too swampy to support even a Swamp Mahogany. 

The Wyrallah road Plantation has been a problem since the flood, it has been full of rubbish and water. Lismore City Council sent cleaners in to pick up some of the rubbish and the plantation team then went to work picking up many bags of rubbish and huge piles of green waste. Finally, it is starting to look clean and almost to pre-flood condition. There is still much work to do, as the rest of the site dries out there will be a lot more rubbish and green waste removal. But the site is now safe and accessible for our volunteer leaf harvesters. 

All the other plantations are coming along well now with the new equipment that was donated to us by the lovely folk at Ongmac as well as Blundstone Safety Boots donated by Blundstone and Reenie at Boots for Bushie’s. September is our planting month, this week we have already planted over 50 trees in plantation areas that have been lost. 

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