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As you can all imagine a lot of our plantations have been ravaged by the floods. We would love to have more willing hands to volunteer on Wednesday or Friday mornings, if you are interested in volunteering in the plantations please contact Kate Hayes at

We have been getting some assistance from Lismore City Council and more applications for assistance have been approved. We have been approved for support from the ADF, SES and LCC which we are incredibly appreciative of as there is still a lot of rubbish, mud, branches and logs in the flood affected plantations, with some debris too large for us to move.

The Plantation Maintenance team have been concentrating on the Nesbit Park plantation as the trees are in good condition, however they require the debris from the upper branches to be removed and around the base of the trees.

On a positive note, some good news is that the McKenzie Park plantation was originally thought to be lost after the floods, however, new shoots are now coming through after the plantation team spent many hours cutting the flood ravaged branch and leaf from the trees.

Finally, we have been very thankful for Katrina’s Koala Gardens plantation and Allambie Plantation as these have seen us through during this time of inundation.

Heather Gillard

Friends of the Koala Plantation Coordinator

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