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October at Koala Kindy

Friends of the Koala - Koala Kindy October

Our joeys are having great adventures in Koala Kindy – practicing climbing and jumping, getting to know each other and our Carers and learning how to take their supplements. All the while we are taking a lot of care that they don’t get too used to people and are ready for life in the wild again. It is a full house of total cuteness and calamity!


In her checkup this week our vets noticed some mild structural abnormalities in Pikachu. She will need to be monitored for signs of any abdominal discomfort or respiratory problems. This could be something and time will tell or it could just be Pikachu’s own uniqueness – fingers crossed for the latter!

Friends of the Koala - Koala Kindy


Frankie is a fan of her supplements and has strongly associated humans in her run with tasty milk treats. She is growing and thriving in Koala Kindy with her two friends, Pikachu and Minnie May. Isn’t she a looker?!

Koala Care Centre Lismore

8 Mile and Boorie

We are delighted that Boorie has been able to join 8 Mile in Koala Kindy following his release from homecare. The pair seem to get on well and don’t notice that they aren’t with the girls. We need to keep 8 Mile from attempting back carries on Pikachu whilst she is being monitored.

Friends of the Koala Hospital East Coast Australia
8 Mile
Koala rescue, rehabilitation and release

Minnie May

Minnie May hasn’t skipped a beat in homecare and has now transitioned into Koala Kindy with ease. Dale has done an incredible job of taking care of her and made it look like a piece of cake! Minnie May is giving Frankie a run for her money in the cuteness stakes! She is a poster girl for joeys!

Koala mating season NSW
Minnie May

Hip Hop

Hip Hop will remain in homecare for the time being. We have noticed that this little guy is a little more sensitive to his surroundings and likes consistency. He can sometimes experience gut issues when he gets a little stressy but he is feeding well and his scats are looking more normal. We think routine will be the recipe for success with this joey. He does look like a sensitive little boy, doesn’t he?

Koala habitat loss NSW
Hip Hop


Oh my dear.. it is going from cute to cuter … Johnny has the cutest curly coat and a sweet demeanor to match. He’s had some intermittent gut issues but is putting weight on and growing each week.

Watch out Koalas are on the move in Northern NSW

Lillian and Valley

We have moved Lillian into what was Triumph’s old run because it is bigger, we hope that she can build up her strength and we can monitor her more easily there. There have been a few reports from our volunteers of instability when Lillian is walking on logs or attempting to turn left. Overall, Lillian’s condition is improving each week so our hope is that it won’t be too long before she can go home. Lillian was admitted to Friends of the Koala with a still unfurred pouch joey following a car-hit. You can read more about her here.

Koala habitat restoration
Lillian and Valley

Tara and Graham

We are delighted to report that after a month of care with us, Tara and Graham have been released. Graham’s accident with the barbed wire fence was a very traumatic experience for him and he was lucky to be alive. Poor Graham had to endure many procedures for us to manage his extensive wounds but he was an absolute champ and continued to put on weight and grow throughout his treatment. Thankfully, Graham was otherwise in great health and his immune system well-equipped to help him heal. Both Tara and Graham were vaccinated before release and we are hoping they live a long and happy life away from fencing!

Friends of the Koala - koala rescue and release
Tara and Graham

We have lots of other adult koalas in our care including our three resident koalas and you can keep up with their progress across our socials throughout the month. Please, if you see a sick or injured koala, give our hotline number a call: 02 6622 1233.

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