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Friends Of The Koala

Celebrating Our Volunteers

Over the Christmas period, our volunteers and staff were busy making sure that our koalas were still being cared for and so on January 21st it was finally their time to celebrate the end of another year and their outstanding contribution to Friends of the Koala. Our volunteer recognition event aims to, in a small … Read more

Volunteer with Friends of the Koala

Volunteers needed

Friends of the Koala operates on the generosity of our volunteers. We currently have 170 active volunteers who completed 54,000 hours of volunteer work last year. It is truly humbling to work with such a passionate group of people, showing up tirelessly for koalas and displaying incredible resilience amid devastating natural disasters and beyond. Friends … Read more


Update: Flood Affected Koala Food Tree Plantations

The 2022 flooding event impacted six of our seven plantations. Since the end of February, the plantation maintenance team have been working two mornings per week to clear flood debris and ensure access is possible for the leaf harvesters to collect food for the koalas in care.  Each plantation was affected on differing scales, our … Read more

Friends Of The Koala

2019-2020 NSW Bushfires – Koala rescue & Rehabilitation Publication

As data coordinator, I was thrilled to take the opportunity to work with Dr Dan Lunney, Honorary Scientific Fellow at the DPE. Through some funding, a project was set up to examine data around koala rescues, rehabilitation and release.  One of the data sets used for this project was the extensive Friends of the Koala data.  While … Read more

Friends Of The Koala

Our People & Wellbeing 

The last few years have been extremely challenging for everyone. Our team has been confronted with the horrific 2019-2020 bushfires, followed by the impact of the COVID pandemic, followed by the devastating floods that hit us very close to home only a few months ago. People are the most important part of our organisation, and … Read more


Faces of FOK: Q&A with Katrina

Friends of the Koala Data Coordinator, Katrina Jeffery has her own private property known as Koala Gardens which is under a conservation agreement and includes a plantation of trees to

Friends Of The Koala

Volunteering with koalas, rewarding in more ways than one

For over three decades, Friends of the Koala have rescued, rehabilitated, and released countless koalas, however the fluffy, grey marsupials are not the only ones that have found refuge in the groups vital work.


Faces of FOK: Q&A with Saskia

What is your FOK story? When did you join and why?
I have been volunteering at FOK for nearly 2 years now. I started in December of 2019 after I …

Friends Of The Koala

Faces of FOK: Q&A with Aliison

What is your FOK story?
I joined Friends of the Koala in 2015 after learning about their amazing work at a market stall. I filled the role of Secretary which was vacant at the time and was ….


Faces of FOK: Q&A with Gianna

What is your FOK story? When did you join and why?
I first discovered Friends of the Koala in 2018 when I was looking for somewhere to complete my …