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Happy Mother’s Day to natural born mama – Charlotte

Friends of the Koala

Charlotte came to Friends of the Koala back in 2020 when she was just eight months old. It soon became obvious to our vets that Charlotte may have hip dysplasia as she couldn’t jump like the other koalas. After further assessments the diagnosis was confirmed and Friends of the Koala became Charlotte’s forever home.


Hip Dysplasia

Koalas with hip dysplasia are very vulnerable in the wild and because hip dysplasia has a genetic component Charlotte can’t have babies of her own.

But her disability doesn’t seem to phase her one bit and she is living her best life with her bestie – Ivy who also has hip dysplasia.

Charlotte was extremely unwell when she arrived here and needed lots of care. We also needed to get her moving. One day, Charlotte decided by herself what the motivation for her to move would be – an older adult male called Mafeking. Charlotte just seemed so fascinated by him and would climb all the way over to him, only for Mafeking to immediately move away from his new little admirer. Perhaps it was frustrating for her but it was exactly what she needed to get moving about.

Charlotte living her best life

A mother is born

Some time after Charlotte had settled into her new home, a little joey named Webster came to stay with us and brought out Charlotte’s amazing maternal instinct. Charlotte didn’t like to hear Webster’s cries so with her thinking cap on – our amazing vet nurse, Marley Christian, decided to put Webster and Charlotte in together – they bonded instantly as Charlotte began to nurture and take care of little Webster.

Webster meets Charlotte for the first time

Since then, Charlotte has gone on to mother many other orphaned joeys as she helps them to adjust to rehabilitation, giving them every fighting chance. Here she is with Keogh.

Charlotte and Keogh

Charlotte won the hearts of everyone from day one, she is just the sweetest girl and best surrogate mum. We wish her Happy Mother’s Day and are very grateful for her help in raising the joeys!

Charlotte and Webster

You can adopt Charlotte for a friend or family member – maybe your mum for Mother’s Day?!

Our little beauty also has an incredibly cute overbite which can be spotted when she is munching away on leaf – as you can see here.

Look at those teeth!
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