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Forest logging win

Wild koala Northern Rivers NSW

This is incredible news for all of us in Australia and worldwide who are fighting to protect Australia’s endangered species! In Victoria and Western Australia, native forest logging will end by 2024, six years earlier than previously planned. This is a major win for wildlife and humans alike.

Australia’s Native Forests

Australia’s native forests are home to some of the world’s most iconic wildlife and forest logging has been responsible for pushing many of them, such as the greater glider, to endangerment.

After decades of campaigning, ending native forest logging is long overdue. It will take time and investment to regenerate and restore these beautiful, unique forests and animal habitat to their original Ecological Vegetation Class.

Let’s hope that NSW follows suits. WA and Vic have got it right. We need to keep up the good fight!

Further reading:

GECO – Logging to end by 2024

This is a win for the beautiful movement which has showed up for forests for decades! Every single person that came to blockades, lobbied your MP, supported crucial court cases, donated to GECO and other orgs, and surveying for threatened species.”

Delivering certainty for timber workers

Ending of forest logging monumental win for forests

This is a monumental win for forests, for wildlife, for climate, and for the hard-working people who have spent countless hours surveying for endangered species, preparing evidence for court cases, lobbying, and campaigning,” she said. “Some have been fighting for this for over three decades.

Victoria’s rapid exit from forest logging is welcome and long overdue

Ending native forest logging is long overdue. For decades, we’ve known of how much damage it does to biodiversity. Logging vast areas of Victoria’s native forests over the past several decades has pushed many once-common animals, such as the greater glider, to become endangered.

Native forest logging in Tasmania

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