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Flux Goes Home!

Friends Of The Koala

Flux was spotted in a row of trees by a road in East Coraki shortly after the second floods (April 7, 2022) by one of our rescuers. He was not alone; there was a female in another tree. Both displayed severe signs of cystitis (very wet and stained bums). When both were found in the same tree the next day two rescuers set a trap. Flux went in on the morning of April 10. The female a few days later.

Unfortunately, the girl couldn’t be saved, but Flux was given a go by our IFAW-sponsored vet team, despite doubts that he would come good. Flux was found to be 5 years old. His fur was all brown and matted and his bladder very thickened due to Chlamydia. He had to have quite extensive medical treatment and received substantial supplement feeds (Crittacare) to help him recover.

He was a very vocal boy and often grunted at us when we came into his run but loved his supplement feeds. During the course of time he shed his brown fur and beautiful grey began to come through and after many weeks his bladder had also healed enough to release him. He was released on June 16 in the same row of Forest Red Gum trees he was found in and the video shows clearly that he knows, he is home. You may watch the video and think that his home isn’t exactly nice being right by roads and we agree. But apart from the rules we have to adhere to when releasing a koala, they themselves are also very territorial and know their home ranges extremely well.

Video of Flux’s Release

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