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The NSW Koala Hospitals Alliance

Announcing the NSW Koala Hospital Alliance (NKHA)

We are thrilled to announce the formation of the NSW Koala Hospital Alliance launched aptly on Wild Koala Day – May 3rd 2024 and proud to be part of group of likeminded people focussed on saving the koala from extinction in NSW. This is a monumental occasion for koala conservation efforts in NSW. Read the press release.

What is the NSW Koala Hospital Alliance?

NSW Koala Hospital Alliance incorporates the three largest koala hospitals in NSW: Koala Conservation Australia Limited (KCA) Port Macquarie, Friends of the Koala Inc (FOK) Lismore, and Port Stephens Koala Hospital (PSKH).

It is our aim to work together using our skills, experience and resources to prevent the extinction of koalas. The NSW Koala Hospital Alliance will improve collaboration and communication between the hospitals and create joint initiatives. In doing so, we are working towards better conservation and wildlife rehabilitation outcomes for our rapidly declining wild koala populations across New South Wales and potentially, across Australia.

Check out how Koala Conservation Australia Chairperson Sue Ashton launches the alliance with The Hon. Leslie Gladys Williams, BNurs, DipTeach MP as special guest, Aliison Kelly, our President and Ron Land, President of Port Stephens Koala Hospital.

“You know, the more people that come together, the more smart heads. And when we talk about koala conservation here are the Smarts, right here in these three organisations who have done incredible work already across the state, for you to come together and bring that expertise and skills really is a no brainer. I think nothing but good can come of it.

When three organisations like this come together, your voices just get louder. And for those koalas that actually don’t literally have a voice, we need louder voices to make sure that governments and policymakers understand that there is still much more work that we need to do.

The Hon. Leslie Gladys Williams, BNurs, DipTeach MP

We couldn’t agree more, as an alliance, we bring together over 700 wildlife carers, and 40 koala clinicians, providing clinical and habitat conservation expertise. Members also bring science-based research, education and advocacy all aimed at improving koala conservation.

“Friends of the Koala has made history by becoming the only wildlife hospital in New South Wales to receive a license to vaccinate all koalas coming through our hospital against chlamydia, in partnership with the University of the Sunshine Coast and New South Wales government. Chlamydia is the number one cause of death for koalas in NSW. This monumental milestone, took over a decade of tireless work, research, and dedication to achieve, and stands to dramatically benefit the koala populations in our region.”

Aliison Kelly, President, Friends of the Koala,

We are looking forward to contributing to the success of this new alliance and hope you share our excitement about this new development. In the meantime, if you are in the area, please consider joining us for Koala Conversations, a dynamic series of events dedicated to koala conservation from 18th to the 31st of May – read more about it here: Koala Conversations.

Our busy Northern Rivers Koala Hospital needs your help this end of financial year.

Friends of the Koala urgently need ongoing funding to maintain our Northern Rivers Koala Hospital. In fact, we need to raise $500,000 every year to keep the doors of the only Koala Hospital in the Northern Rivers open.

The need for our services has increased and the number of admissions since we established the Northern Rivers Koala Hospital has markedly increased as has the urgency to protect existing koala populations for future generations. This financial year, there has been a 20% increase in koalas coming through our Northern Rivers Koala Hospital.

Times are tough. Interest rates have gone up, people are experiencing financial stress. Total donations to charities in Australia are decreasing.

Passion and dedication alone can’t fund the resources needed to continue the work we do and so we ask you to make an end of financial year tax donation to help us save koalas if you can.

Friends of the Koala is a registered charity which means any donation to us is 100% tax deductible. Choose where your money goes, donate to issues you care deeply about.

End of financial year tax donations make financial sense for you and for us. Its a classic win win situation. Making a donation can help you receive a higher refund on tax paid throughout the year.

Please also read about the renaming of our Koala Hospital to Northern Rivers Koala Hospital and consider becoming a friend of the Northern Rivers Koala Hospital – koalas need our help.

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