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Koala Kindy May 2024

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Well it’s that time of year again in the Northern Rivers, when most of our little fledglings are young, wild and free again. Release is an integral part of our rescue efforts, if not the most important part of it. Our job is to rescue sick, injured or orphaned koalas and restore them to optimum health, capable of surviving life in the wild.

While some koalas who come through the doors of our Northern Rivers Koala Hospital are released almost immediately, most need extensive care and rehabilitation because, by the time a koala reaches our hospital, they are usually compromised, either from illness, trauma or in the case of our joeys they are too young to make it on their own.


Remember little Cygnet was rescued with her mum back in November following a tree fall? Mum, Swan was released whilst Cygnet stayed for rehabilitation because Swan had stopped producing milk. Cygnet is now all grown up and is off to her treetops adventures in the wild. Cygnet had gained weight and her body condition was stable following two weeks in plantation at Caniaba. Following her last checkup she was given the all clear and released back to plantation where the door to her forever home was left open. We wish her all the very best!


Cygnet’s Koala Kindy buddy Ayla has been released to the same site as Johnny at Cawongla and has even been observed hanging out with him – aw isn’t this beautiful?! Ayla looks good and has been observed eagerly exploring her new surroundings! Farewell to these beauties and safe travels in the treetops!

Droplet and Kelso

There have been three steps forward and two steps back with Kelso and Droplet. You might recall that we delayed their plantation release because of Kelso’s candida infection and some mild weight loss? They had since recovered and headed off to plantation life, however on return to Friends of the Koala both appear to have lost weight and are back to our Northern Rivers Koala Hospital and Care Centre to regain weight and body condition. This is not uncommon for some joeys on their journey towards their release. However, we are very sad to have to bring the news, that since the time of writing, little Kelso has sadly passed away this past weekend. We are unsure exactly why, but believe his immune system was compromised. RIP Kelso you brave boy, we are so sorry we couldn’t save you.

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Droplet with a little droplet on his nose

RIP little Kelso, you will be missed x

Brown Sugar

Upon return from plantation Brown Sugar showed some abnormalities – experiencing abdominal pain and discomfort as well as low appetite and irregular scats. Over the past few weeks her abdominal discomfort has mostly disappeared, her scats have become more regular and her appetite has improved so weight gain is also gradually increasing. The koala care team and vets will continue to monitor her and offer lots of TLC. Please wish her well.

Koala Brown Sugar will try the wildlife after she regains her health.
Brown Sugar back in our Koala Care Centre


Emerson is not so little anymore and is now over 3kg! He enjoyed having a new buddy in Hobi but is equally loving his bachelor pad whilst Hobi is back with Liz in home care. Emersons last health check was a full assessment under anaesthetic which he passed with flying colours. He has been chipped and tagged and is ready and waiting for his next step to plantation! Time flies when you’re a joey!

Emerson the koala has come a long way in his journey from rescue to release
Emerson the koala has come a long way in his journey from rescue to release


You might have heard of Hobi already. Our youngest Koala Kindy member and superstar miracle boy! Hobi progressed well from home care to Koala Kindy, loving his milk and leaf but began to show signs that he wasn’t quite ready to be a big boy in the transition to kindy and so we made the decision to send him back to home care with the wonderful Liz to resettle him again. Since returning, he has been tracking well and is steadily gaining weight.

Hobi has gone back for a short stay with Liz
Cute as a button – Hobi

Check out this sweet little video of Hobi and Emerson in Koala Kindy together – cuteness overload!!

If you enjoyed this blog, you might enjoy some of our others and please read our press release about our miracle boy Hobi.

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