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The Green Army

Friends of the Koala in the past supported, and were actively involved in, Green Army projects that enhance koala habitat across our Region. In 2014 for the first time we applied for Green Army projects in our own right as this way we could determine the priority areas for FOK. Click here to read more about the Green Army.

Our primary aim in sponsoring Green Army teams is to achieve, directly and indirectly, local and regional conservation outcomes by enhancing and restoring the habitat of NSW’s iconic threatened species. The work undertaken will also assist with the implementation of actions identified in the NSW Recovery Plan for the Koala and Lismore Council’s Comprehensive Koala Plan of Management for South-east Lismore.

Project 1

Assisting the recovery of koala populations on the NSW North Coast’ comprised two Green Army teams the first of which completed their 6 months’ obligation at the end of June 2015 and the second in late December 2015. Participants were involved in a range of activities to enhance koala habitat including seed collection, propagation and planting of koala food trees on private and public land, and habitat restoration through weed control and community education.

The teams worked in partnership with Caniaba, Jiggi and Boatharbour Landcare groups as well as Northern Rivers WIRES to restore koala habitat. They reached all the targets set for the project including 7,320 koala food trees planted, 20,000 koala food trees propagated, approximately 14.3 hectares rehabilitated and many local seeds collected. This was a great result.

Project 2

‘Enhancing Threatened Species Habitat to Provide Safe Passage for Urban koalas is aimed at restoring and extending the Koala corridor between Southern Cross University and the Wilsons River in Lismore. The teams will be working on SCU land and Lismore City Council’s City View Drive Reserve.

The first team is increasing the awareness of the presence of Koalas and the risks they face in an urban setting amongst residents adjoining the Koala habitat by delivering two of our brochures – Koala Facts and Responsible Dog Ownership and Koalas into their mailboxes.. A second team, commencing in late January 2017 will continue the work that has been started.

Three new Koala plantations will have been planted before the project ends. The team have and will continue to assist Landcare member to restore Koala habitat on private land. Groups that have been assisted include; Caniaba, Boatharbour, Jiggi and Monaltrie Landcare.

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