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25th Anniversary Landcare Grants 2014/2015

FOK received $19,070 for this project, completed in June 2016, which is the first stage in a strategic approach to facilitate koala movement between Lismore’s urban and rural populations. Friends of the Koala (FOK) will work with Lismore City Council (LCC), Southern Cross University (SCU) & private landowners to restore koala corridors through natural area restoration and community education. The project will strive to educate & involve the local community on issues such as garden waste dumping, garden plant selection & responsible pet ownership.

The long-term goal is to see a reduction in the incidence of diseased and injured koalas coming into care because of physical injuries and stress related diseases, and to enhance existing core koala habitat for the benefit of the Lismore population. The project will assist stakeholders to manage landscapes sustainably to protect high profile habitat for the iconic koala on 8.5ha. Three hundred koala food trees were planted in gaps to enhance koala habitat and increase biodiversity on the 27ha of SCU land.

The project provided an opportunity to increase awareness of nearby Lismore residents to the existence of Koala populations and their habitat and the issues facing them, with emphasis on dog control. Funds enabled FOK to update and reprint their Koala Facts brochure.

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