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Research & Diagnostics Laboratory

Friends of the Koala Research and Diagnostics Laboratory

We are incredibly excited to be able to announce that we are very close to opening a brand new Research & Diagnostics Laboratory! The new lab will enable us to maximise the potential for rescued koalas to be accurately treated for disease in our hospital with in-depth, rapid diagnostic information to support disease control and health management of koalas in our region.

The new state-of-the-art equipment will including a PCR machine and a research microscope and allow us to undertake a significantly larger variety of diagnostic tests than is currently possible. The equipment will also allow us to make more accurate diagnoses in shorter periods of time – increasing the numbers of koalas we can rehabilitate and release back to the wild.

Furthermore, our new lab will enable our highly professional and skilled team to provide pathology support and training to other smaller koala hospitals, expanding our capabilities and sharing expertise with others.

Finally, the laboratory will enhance our ability to participate in many more research projects that will help in the long-term management and protection of koalas not only in the Northern Rivers, but throughout Australia.

The new Research & Diagnostics Laboratory is a tremendous opportunity for us and other koala veterinarians and researchers in our shared focus of protecting the koala and its habitat. We look forward to commencing the lab and to maximising our efforts in koala health surveillance.

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