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March at koala kindy

koala kindy

Our kindy has two new joeys – Drizzle and Santi!

Introducing Santi:

Santi, a very handsome 1.7kg juvenile male koala, was found dehydrated and wandering the road by himself with no mum to be found. For now, Santi is staying in homecare with Lindy who will look after him and monitor him closely. Whilst he seems to be eating leaf well, he is suffering somewhat with poor gut function and low protein levels. This could be related to malnutrition or other underlying health issues – we don’t know yet but his last check up showed improvement in his condition, yeah!! Little Santi has had to undergo a number of treatments and this photo shows him posing perfectly with his little arms shaved.

Northern NSW koalas


Drizzle is another new juvenile male, weighing just under 2kg. Drizzle is very young to have chlamydial cystitis, but he is showing classic signs of it with a wet bottom and thickened bladder on his ultrasound. We have started him on his course of treatment and will know in the next few weeks if they are working. Drizzle is yet another example of why this UniSC vaccination program is so important.

Northern NSW koalas


Pretty little Pudding is progressing well, she has reached the 2kg mark and qualifies for her ear bling and big girl status, soon she will travel to Pottsville with Waratah to receive her first chlamydia vaccination. She is often seen cuddling up to Nash for naps.

Koala protection


Moby, our little gymnast has no problems navigating the ropes in her quest for milk, enthusiastically following anyone who enters Koala Kindy around in high hopes. She is a total picture of health with almost perfect body condition. Moby is eating well, scating well and putting on weight each week – she makes the perfect patient!

Koala conservation Lismore


Waratah recently received her ear bling and seems fine with it, she will head to Pottsville soon with Pudding for her first chlamydia vaccination. Like Moby and Pudding, Waratah is pretty easy to care for, she loves fresh forest red tips and cuddling up with Moby.

Rescue and rehabilitation of koalas

Plantation kids – Kookie, Rafa and Magnus

This trio did really well in plantation, they will return to us in the next few days and all going well they will be released to their forever homes shortly!


This quiet beauty is over 3kg, received her first chlamydia vaccination and recently joined the others in plantation, so far so good and she will receive her final chlamydia vaccination with Nash shortly.

Koala release


Nash passed his check-up with flying colours but had a short set-back with an injured toe which has now healed. Nash is heading towards the 3kg mark and after receiving his final chlamydia vaccination will also head out to plantation. He loves fresh leaf and cuddling up with Pudding – they make a cute couple!

Australian wildlife animal - koalas

Brad also took some photos of the runs this month – below is the main kindy run where a lot of the action happens.

Friends Of The Koala
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