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Happy Valentine’s Day 2024!

Wild Koala Valentine's Day(1)

Last year on Valentine’s Day we told of a tale of unrequited love as our handsome boy Magnus fell for his little chica Kookie but alas Kookie didn’t seem to share the same devotion. This year, we find ourselves wondering if they ever crossed paths again – perhaps they shared gum leaves at sunset in the eucalypt treetops? We hope so for Magnus.

This year our cutest little cuddle bugs are Johnny and Hiphop who are just adorable together. Our joeys never cease to give us joy and open our hearts. There is also never a dull moment at play time and where one goes the other will follow – whether they’re climbing trees, jostling over food or curled up together asleep. What a beautiful friendship!

Get ready to say awww…

Two of our koala joeys have formed a close friendship
Kindy Cuddle Bugs

In another ode to love this Valentine’s Day, we also recently spotted these two cuddled up just outside Friends of the Koala recently. Neither appear to be tagged so they haven’t been visitors to our hospital either – and hopefully it will stay that way. How gorgeous is to to see our iconic Australian koalas in their natural habitat?! And what a testament to our Care Centre location, right in the middle of natural koala habitat. It doesn’t get much better than that!

There is nothing better than the sight of wild koalas
Wild cuddle bugs

This year for Valentine’s Day you might like to spread love in a sustainable way with zero waste and even leading to positive outcomes for the planet. How about:

The gift of a koala adoption? This is a fun, cute and very unique gift and a great way to support our work in saving koalas from extinction. We also have new adoptees in our program – perfect for the animal lover in your life or for you – because you deserve it! Check out our new adoptees.

Adopt today and choose the email only option to receive your exclusive gift pack immediately by email OR if you choose by email AND post, you will receive it a little later.

What you get in a koala adoption pack

Instead of saying it with flowers – say it with koala food trees and adopt a dozen eucalypts? Every tree adoption costs just $5 and is a one off payment – adopt a tree. Or…

Make a donation in someone’s name for Valentine’s Day. Shopping for a unique, thoughtful and personal gift for your loved is a lot like an Olympic-level sport – because most people have everything they already need. A donation to a leading koala conservation group however is (we think) perfect and it will help us to save koalas from extinction – what better gift is there?

Sign up to Joey Buddies – a fun, educational subscription perfect for big and little koala fans to learn all about our joeys including printable merchandise and activities, behind the scenes koala videos, fascinating facts and stories, photo backgrounds, competitions and a chance to win prizes.

And… if you’re single on Valentine’s Day – don’t worry, these gifts are also perfect for you because self-love and gifting are very important OR if you would like to celebrate your friends for Galentine’s Day too!

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