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Drive cautiously in koala zones

Koala fatalities

*TW: Some topics we are covering in this article or post may be distressing for you. The article or post may deal with distressing subjects.

We like to keep our posts light-hearted and positive, however, some situations require us to draw attention to an issue in order to change it in the future, even though the information we are sharing is sad. This post presents one of these occasions. Our volunteers and vets have had a difficult week with multiple koala fatalities on a particular stretch of road between Lismore and Casino. November is peak mating season for koalas which means they are more active – searching for mates and new habitat, whilst also often travelling long distances on the ground because loss of habitat is an ongoing issue.

In total we had 5 fatalities one of which was a lactating female, we found her baby joey nearby who we named Seeana and who is now with us in care. Another 4 were young males of breeding age, we had a number of additional calls about near misses.

We understand that these fatalities are accidents but in many cases they are preventable.

What can you do?

Whether you are a resident of Australia or a visitor:

  • We urge motorists to please look out for koalas when driving, with particular attention between dusk and dawn… please watch out for our lovely koala friends and slow down for them.
  • If you do witness or have a collision with a koala, or you see an injured koala in the Northern Rivers please call our rescue line: 02 6622 1233 so we can do whatever possible to help.
  • Please also check properties fencing and doors to contain dogs as koalas are at particular risk of dog attacks.
  • Keep our number in your phone and call: 02 6622 1233 when required.
  • Report a koala sighting to help us collecting valuable data about their numbers and movements in the Northern Rivers.
  • Stay safe at all times. If you spot a koala and want to help, please drive slowly and carefully on the road.

This time of year, is always busy for all of us and we seem to be rushing more than usually but this doesn’t mean we can’t be mindful and extra vigilant – please help save our beloved furry koalas!

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