Adopt Dimples

FoK Adopt a Koala - DimplesAdopt Me!Dimples came to Friends of the Koala in January 2020 when she was about 9 months old. Sadly, her mum died after being hit by a car in Tatham, but luckily members of the public found her and called the Friends of the Koala rescue hotline.

Rescue volunteers bundled her up in a rescue cage and took her to the Care Centre to be assessed. After completing lots of tests, the vet confirmed she had no physical injuries and weighed a healthy 1.14 kilograms. As she was only a joey and needed round the clock care, she went home with Marley, the Vet Nurse at Friends of the Koala.

Once she was big enough, she began spending her days in the koala kindy enclosure at Friends of the Koala but would still go home with her carer at night. In the koala kindy, she got to play with other joeys – Dita, Meggs and Butters and learnt important koala skills.

While in care, she also got to meet Chris Hemsworth! He was at Friends of the Koala shooting a National Geographic documentary and posted a photo of Dimples and him soon after visiting. Overnight she amassed a huge following, which is good news for other koalas like her that need help from Friends of the Koala.

To prepare her for the wild, he was moved (with Butters and Meggs) to a plantation kindy. It is still a fenced area, but allows young koalas to practice their climbing skills, eat leaf from a real tree and experience all types of weather for the first time. Vet staff routinely checked up on Dimples over a couple of weeks and were thrilled with her progress. So, after a final assessment, she was released back into the wild.

Adopt Dimples!