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Volunteering with koalas, rewarding in more ways than one

Friends Of The Koala

For over three decades, Friends of the Koala have rescued, rehabilitated, and released countless koalas, however the fluffy, grey marsupials are not the only ones that have found refuge in the groups vital work.

Over 5,000 people have volunteered with the organisation, over its 35-year history. While many have gained valuable skills and experience from volunteering and transitioned to paid employment, others have found volunteering has enriched their lives, benefitting them emotionally, socially and mentally.

“When I first joined Friends of the Koala in 2017, I was suffering from PTSD and depression and had withdrawn from the world around me” said volunteer Lindy Brown.

“I became besotted by koalas and the work I was doing. Looking back, I realise volunteering was keeping my grief at bay, by shifting my focus to a cause bigger than myself – it really has saved my life”.

Volunteers make up the majority of Friends of the Koala’s workforce and are engaged across the organisation in habitat restoration, koala rescue and rehabilitation, nursery, leaf collection in addition to management and advocacy.

“Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organisation. They’re the everyday superheroes who make our vital work possible” said President, Aliison Kelly.

“Lindy’s story is not unique in the sense that many of the volunteers invested in our work, get back more than they give. In many ways, we rescue, rehabilitate and release people as well as koalas!”

Lindy with Swifty the koala

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